Magnum Photography Awards 2017 Call for entries
Magnum Photography Awards 2017 Call for entries

Photographers working at all levels are eligible to participate—professionals, emerging talents, students and passionate amateurs. Likewise, photographers of all ages and all cultures are encouraged to take part in this worldwide celebration of talented image-makers.

Our distinguished international jury will select 12 Winners, 8 Jurors’ Picks and 20 Finalists. Awards will be given in six categories: Documentary, Street, Portrait, Fine Art, Photojournalism and Open.

Magnum and LensCulture have worked hard to make this year’s edition an unparalleled opportunity for exposure and recognition. Our official media partner BBC Culture will be sharing top submissions throughout the competition to their global audience of 3.5 million and then will publish a series of features on selected winners. In addition, all the Winners, Finalists and Jurors' Picks will be digitally exhibited at the Photographers’ Gallery in London.

The winning photographers will also receive exclusive access to Magnum photographers’ workshops around the world and have their work shown to industry insiders online and at festivals all over the globe. These Awards aim to offer an unprecedented level of international exposure from two of the largest organizations in the photographic community. So, don’t delay, enter now!

My Europe, my rights Photo competition organised by the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions
My Europe, my rights Photo competition organised by the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions

Recent events have shown that nothing, not even our most fundamental rights, can be taken for granted. What are our fundamental rights? Is it worth fighting for them? Do we have to give up certain rights in order to keep others? Are some rights only for a selected niche and not for everyone? Then stand up for your rights, take your camera and start shooting! 

The European photo competition "My Europe, my rights" invites both amateur and professional photographers to capture in a photo their interpretation of this very topical issue. In order to offer participants some ideas that can be used for inspiration, you will find an "inspiration cloud" on the competition website.

Associaton of Hungarian Photographers' Ouvre Prize 2017
Associaton of Hungarian Photographers' Ouvre Prize 2017

The prize was founded in 1998 by the management of the Association.

Earlier prized photographers:


Ács, Irén 1999

Alapfy, Attila 2005

Albertini, Béla   2012

Almási, László    2002

Bajtai, Lajos   2004

Balla, Demeter 2001

Benkő, Imre  2013

Bojár, Sándor    1999

Chochol, Károly 2010

Csapó, István    2012

Farkas, Tamás   2010

Fejér, Zoltán 2011

Féner, Tamás 1998

Friedmann, Endre 2004

Gadányi, György 2010

Gera Mihály  2006

Gink, Károly   2002

Görbe, Ferenc 2008

Gróh, Gyula   2006

Hefelle, József  2003

Hemző, Károly  1998

Kálmán, Béla 1999

Keleti, Éva 1999

Kerekes, Gábor 2013

Kocsis, Iván    2015

Korniss, Péter   2010

Kunkovács, László 2009

Markovics, Ferenc 2006

Mezey, Béla  2005

Módos, Gábor 2015

Molnár, Edit  2004

Nádor, Ilona  2002

Nagy, Lajos    2011

Németh, József 1999

Schwanner, Endre 2002

Szalay, Zoltán 2005

Szász, János   2000

Tabák, Lajos  1999

Tillai, Ernő 2007

Tóth, István   1998

Tóth, József (Füles) 2001

Tóth, Károly   2009

Urbán, Tamás   2007

Vencsellei, István 2003

Olympus Global Open Photo Contest
Olympus Global Open Photo Contest
Sony World Photography Awards
Sony World Photography Awards